A Pet Food Container Is An Advisable Option


Are you using Pet Food Container store your pet's food? […]

Are you using Pet Food Container store your pet's food?

Are you aware that, if you don’t use those pet food containers, even though well-intended actions are taken, it will result in a very sick pet!

The moment you open that bag or can of pet food, lots of bad "stuff" starts happening. It's important to understand how to use pet food containers correctly, and to learn which are the best pet food containers to use.

As a matter of fact, if you do not store pet food in containers, the food will be oxidized. Simply put, oxidation is the reaction that occurs when chemicals in the food come into direct contact with air and the oxygen molecules. This reaction is very destructive. It causes changes in the food's chemical composition which leads to not only, a decrease in the nutritional value of the pet food, but it creates a perfect haven for mold, mycotoxins, and bacterial contamination. Fats and oils are extremely susceptible to oxidation. When fat oxidizes, the nutritional quality of the food decreases, the food tastes less appealing to your pet and it can also become rancid making it unsafe to eat. In addition, omega fatty acids are now often added to many holistic pet food recipes. Omega fatty acids have excellent health benefits for both humans and pets. However, again, their quality diminishes rapidly after the food has been opened.

These potential health risks increase every time you open and close the bag of pet food! So it’s of great importance to prepare a food container for your pet.

This PLASTIC H518/H519 PET FOOD CONTAINER is a convenient option for pet food. With 30L volume and 1.1kg weight, it can store a large amount of food. Four wheels allow for easy rolling around and has a wide top for easy scooping. Our pet food containers are of high quality, which will maintain food nutritional values. Please feel free to contact us at any time or go to our site pet-food-container.com for further more information.