Active Ground - Plastic Pallet


Plastic pallets are widely used in transportation and s […]

Plastic pallets are widely used in transportation and storage due to their convenience and convenience. Although plastic pallets are the most insignificant logistics tools in the logistics industry, they are the main means of turning large and small static goods into dynamic goods. After the introduction of plastic pallets, they are widely used in the logistics and transportation industry, becoming an important tool in the logistics industry. .

Plastic pallet greatly facilitates the loading and unloading, transportation, storage and distribution of the cargo, and the loading and unloading pad composed of the load surface and the forklift socket which can carry a certain number of articles. It is one of the most inconspicuous but ubiquitous logistics tools in the logistics industry. It is an auxiliary tool used for cargo handling and transportation!

Although plastic pallets are only about one square meter in size, they can turn static goods into dynamics, so they are also called active grounds!

There are many types of pallets. It originated from the Pacific War in the 1930s. The US military used pallets for the first time to improve cargo handling efficiency and ensure the supply of logistics supplies. Since then, pallets have been widely used in countries around the world and are considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century. Currently 80% of merchandise trade in the United States is carried by pallets, and in Europe there are 280 million pallets circulating between enterprises each year.

China's plastic pallet industry started relatively late. Now the plastic pallets in the industry account for about 8% of the total pallets, 90% of the pallets use wooden pallets, and 2% of pallets use steel pallets!

The use of plastic pallets not only saves forest resources, but also can be recycled. Our product is light in weight, water-resistant, and not susceptible to pests. It is beautiful, clean and can be used repeatedly, which is conducive to open-air operation and storage.