Application And Function of Plastic Pallet Exchange System


The application and function of the plastic pallet exch […]

The application and function of the plastic pallet exchange system in the material handling system are mainly as follows:

(1) Packing of goods on the basis of pallets; forming shipments of container units is beneficial to facilitate loading, unloading, transportation and storage of goods. Depending on the pallet, a number of small items are stacked on the pallet, and then the goods and the pallet are fixed together by means of wrapping or tying, forming an integral packaging unit, which is called pallet packaging. Such container unit shipments are always handled as a unit during subsequent logistics operations such as handling, transportation and storage, which simplifies the operation process and improves the working efficiency, and can also be used simplify the packaging of items, and saving packaging materials and costs.

(2) Mechanization and automation of cargo handling operations can be realized by using pallets. The real use of the pallet function lies in its combination with handling machinery such as the car. By using the pallet to carry the goods, it is possible to form a large loading and unloading unit shipment, and carry out the handling operation by loading and unloading the handling machine, which can fully utilize the bearing function of the mechanical equipment, greatly improve the number of times of handling the goods at one time, and greatly improve speed and efficiency of the job. Therefore, the pallet facilitates the organization of the mechanized loading and unloading operation, completely replacing the inefficient movement of the manual single-piece handling operation; and in the modern automated logistics processing system, the pallet unit shipment can be directly used for automated loading and unloading operations to realize modern logistics with high speed and high efficiency.

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