Application Method of Sharps Container Disposal


Plastic Sharp Container is a container that is filled w […]

Plastic Sharp Container is a container that is filled with used medical needles (and other sharp medical instruments, such as an IV catheter).

Sharps container have wide applications, such as needles for disposable items including syringes and infusion sets; Various blades, scalp needles, blood exchange transfusion set, ampoule, small glass and other sharps.


Above all, the sharp container is made of hard material and sealed to ensure that the sharp box is not leaked under normal use. Once the sharp box is sealed, it cannot be destroyed without damage. Then, The sharp container has resistance to penetrate. Syringe needles, broken glass pieces in the container can not pierce the box; Third, If the full-filled box fell vertically from the height of 1. 5m to the concrete floor for 3 consecutive times, the sharp container will not be broken, pierced, etc.; Fourth, the sharp container is easy to be incinerated. PVC should not be used as the raw material;

The size of the sharp container can be determined according to customers’ requirements.

Operation Instructions:

First of all, install the sharp container: press the box body and the cover to press down and install as a whole. Second, rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover to open or close. Turn counterclockwise to open and clockwise to close. Third, Syringe needle collection: Insert the needle into the drop-shaped hole, get stuck at the interface between the syringe nipple and the needle, gently press the syringe down and the syringe needle will automatically fall into the sharp box. Fourth, Collect the sharp part of the infusion set: hold the hose of the infusion set, insert the sharp part into the large opening of the top cover, cut it with scissors, and then the sharp part will fall into the sharp container.