Bright Pet Food Container Will Avoid Pet Food Deterioration


Food safety issues have always been of concern. Dogs ea […]

Food safety issues have always been of concern. Dogs eat food every day. If there is a problem, the trouble is not less than food poisoning. Pet food container can effectively avoid this.

Which seasons does Dog food is prone to mildew?

Dog food is prone to mildew in spring and summer. The most prone problem with dog food is deterioration. Dog food spoilage is generally higher in two periods: spring and summer. In the spring, the temperature warmed up and the air was damp. The biscuits placed outside were softened after a few hours. The same is true for dog food. Dry dog food is also easy to get wet. In summer, the temperature is high and hot, but in places with high air humidity, the hot and humid weather is very conducive to the growth of mold or insects, which can easily cause mildew and deterioration of dog food.

What is the harm of dog food deterioration to dogs?

If the dog eats the spoiled dog food, it is likely to be infected with spoilage bacteria, causing gastrointestinal problems, accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting. If it is due to aflatoxin poisoning in moldy dog food, it will also cause kidney function and liver function damage in dogs, causing acute renal failure and liver function damage.

How to distinguish degraded dog food

First of all, we can observe with the naked eye. Before we feed the dog, we should pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the dog food. If the shelf life is over, or if the shelf life is near in the absence of light, then the dog food is not suitable for feeding to the dog. In addition, we can also observe the surface of the dog food to see if there are white or green spots. Some words indicate that the dog food has started to mold, and should not continue to feed the dog. Second, we can get started with the dog food. Normal dog food is relatively dry and hard. If the dog food is soft and brittle and has a damp feeling, you should give the dog a new dog food. Then we can smell it with our nose. I believe that many people have smelled the deterioration of food, and this taste will also appear in dog food. It is impossible to give a sour taste in normal dog food. If you smell it in dog food, throw it away.

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