Common Scientific Knowledge of Pet Food Container


Is the material of pet food container safe? Many pet fo […]

Is the material of pet food container safe?

Many pet food container on the market are plastic textures. If you buy “bargains” or “three no products”, BPA (bisphenol A) may appear in the materials. Studies have shown that it may cause cancer or other body functions.If it is in direct contact with cat food for a long time, harmful substances may infiltrate.

Food-grade resin may be a relatively safe material, but some of the brand-name pet food containers have their own safety, and I feel that the credibility has to be discounted.

On this issue, in addition to the purchase of relatively reliable and authoritative brands of pet food containers, the improper method of storing cat food is the biggest mistake many owners make.

Bright pet food container are made of safe and harmless material at a favorable price, which will be your priority.

Why not to pour all cat food in the pet food containers?

No matter what kind of pet food containers you buy, it is best not to dismantle the cat food, and pour it into your pet food container.

Because first of all, you can't guarantee that the bucket is completely sealed and material-safe.

Secondly, even the best pet food containers, after a long time of use, may also result in weakening of the seal due to loss and bumping, but you are completely ignorant.

The most important thing is that the long-term use of pet food container will always leave the oil and residue in the previous batch of cat food. These residues will gradually spoil and will pollute a new batch of cat food, which is not only easy to deteriorate, but also polluted. danger.

Tip:If you are planning on storing pet food by using 10L Pet Food Container for a long time, freshness may be an issue. In this case, a bright container will help prevent food from going stale.