Deodorant Magics of Waste Bin


Every family has waste bins, such as in kitchens, bathr […]

Every family has waste bins, such as in kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies, etc. But the smell of Waste Bin is always plaguing countless families, so we have to take a deep breath before we throw garbage. In fact, just throwing a garbage doesn't have to take great pains! I would like to I want to recommend the deodorant secret to let your family say goodbye to the annoying taste.

Deodorant magic: vinegar + kitchen paper towel

The odor of the waste bin mainly comes from the water-based garbage directly exposed to the air, such as the peel or seeds that cannot be thrown into the kitchen. In the past, the vinegar was always dripped directly into the trash can, but this method only temporarily eliminated the odor. When it was dripped, it would be accumulated in the bottom of the trash can together with the juice of the water-based garbage.

A more appropriate method is to spread the kitchen paper towel on the bottom of the garbage bag of the trash can, and then evenly vinegar mixed with water 2 and vinegar 1 in proportion. Kitchen paper towels can effectively absorb the juice of water-based garbage, and vinegar can neutralize the smell of juice. Compared with other aromatic detergents, weakly acidic vinegar does not cause harm to the human body even if it is volatilized.

Deodorant magic: Reuse of residue and peel waste

The residue of the beverage in the home, such as coffee grounds and tea residue, should not be thrown into the kitchen bucket after the bubble is finished. We suggest that as long as it is air-dried and then put into the waste bin, it can be deodorized. Newspapers are chosen because inks have a lot of carbon. If you don't buy newspapers at home, you can use advertising papers or community bulletins.

If you don't have paper in your home, you can choose to remodel the used tea bags. Cut the tea bag into small mouths, take out the tea leaves, or dry the tea leaves together with the dried lemon and grapefruit peels and put them back in the tea bag, and put them in the trash can to avoid the odor.