Desirable Features of Plastic Pallet II


Even though plastic pallets are superior and popular in […]

Even though plastic pallets are superior and popular in most product applications, they also have some disadvantages. Now, their advantages and disadvantages are listed as follows.

(1)Long-term investment since they can last 10 times more than wood pallets.

(2)Old or broken plastic pallets can be recycled to make new pallets. No waste and environmentally friendly

(3)Easy clean makes you maintain high hygiene standards

(4)Easier transportation can save shipping cost

(5)Stackable plastic pallets take less space thus saving both space and cost.

(6)Safe and easy to handle since they don't have splinters, nails or sharp edges.

(7)Flexible designs and manufacturing processes thus, you can customize pallets as per your needs

(8)Resistant to chemicals and weather conditions

(9)Easy to handle since they have 4-way forklift entry

Disadvantages of plastic pallets

1) High initial cost compared to wood plastic pallets

2) Once broke or extensively damaged. The best option has too recycled the material, which can be expensive

3) May get slippery if not properly designed

4) Wood pallets, especially those reinforced with steel are stronger than plastic pallets.

From the above, you can see that plastic pallets have more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, most product distributors consider plastic pallets as a superior choice. Click for further more information.