Desirable Features of Plastic Pallet


A pallet is a structure that facilitates mechanical han […]

A pallet is a structure that facilitates mechanical handling of goods by a front loader, forklift, jack, etc. Plastic pallets have many desirable features, making them a perfect choice for most supply chain processes. Now, let’s list all the key features of plastic pallets as follows.

1)Made from high-grade HDPE or PP plastic material that is UV stabilized

2)Many design options available due to flexible molding techniques such as standard and custom designs.

3)Plastic pallets are recyclable, environmentally friendly

4)The strong and durable structure that support enormous dynamic, racking and static loads.

5)Weather and chemical resistance

6)Lightweight – weight is about 50% to 70% less than that of wood.

7)Impervious to weak acids, alkalis, and moisture

8)No splinters or nails

Remember, among them, dimensional consistency and long lasting features are the main reasons for their use in the closed loop supply chain. In next article on news page, we will continue this topic.