Do Not Pour the Food Directly into Pet Food Container


If you don't see the instructions for using the pet-foo […]

If you don't see the instructions for using the pet-food-container , you can’t put the food into it?

The wrong way is at the top! The use of such Pet Food Container is wrong as follows:

Use the feed storage bin together with the package and store it. Roll a roll around the tear and then clip it with a clip.

Feed packaging helps prevent oxidation of the contents and is affected by moisture.

Some companies use better packaging, including oxygen barriers made from petroleum products. This package is very effective in isolating oxygen and moisture. After feeding, squeeze out excess air as much as possible, reseal, or fold the opening very tightly and then clip it.

In short, do not pour the feed directly into the Pet Food Container. This is a very common but very dangerous way to store feed!

1) The fat and oil remaining in the previous batch of feed will adhere to the bottom and sides of the feed storage tank, rancid and contaminate the newly purchased feed.

2) Harmful chemicals in pet food containers can penetrate into dog food in the long run.

3) Repeated use of the storage tank directly increases the risk of some stored mites, micro-bacteria, and bacterial contamination, which may lead to food poisoning, vomiting and/or bad diarrhea.

The correct method of using Pet Food Container:

How to detect the moisture resistance of Pet Food Containers? Test method, add 1KG dry flour in the bucket, into the water (bathtub) for 1 hour, open the lid to observe the flour situation!

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