Do You Know Sharps Container


Applications: Used for needles for disposable items suc […]

Applications: Used for needles for disposable items such as syringes, infusion sets, etc.; various types of blades, scalp needles, suture needles, ampoule, small glass and other sharps, collecting whole blood syringes, blood transfusion devices, blood bags, etc. Medical equipment that comes into contact with blood; other medically hazardous items that are placed in a sharps container.

Features: The sharps container is made of hard plastic without PVC. It has the basic performance of puncture resistance, no leakage, no cracking, easy to incinerate, and can not be opened normally after closing. The whole container is yellow, and the side of the container is marked with “ "Injury waste" with "medical waste warning sign"


1. The sharps container is made of hard material and sealed to ensure that the sharps container of the container is not leaked under normal use. Once the sharps container is sealed, it cannot be destroyed without damage. Open again,

2, the sharps container can prevent puncture, its sharps needles such as syringe needles, broken glass pieces can not pierce the sharpss container;

3. The full-scale weapon container is dropped vertically from the height of 1.5m to the concrete floor for 3 consecutive times, and the sharps container will not be broken or pierced;

4. The sharps container is easy to be incinerated. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic should not be used as the raw material for manufacturing.

5. The overall color of the sharps container is yellow, and the “damage waste” is marked on the side of the container;

6. The sharps container should be printed on the container. The medical waste warning sign determined in Article 5 is specified;

7. The size of the sharps container can be determined according to user requirements. Instructions:

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