Do You Know the Correct Way to Store Dog Food


What is the harm of dog food deterioration to dogs? If […]

What is the harm of dog food deterioration to dogs?

If the dog eats the spoiled dog food, it is likely to be infected with spoilage bacteria, causing gastrointestinal problems, accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting. If it is due to aflatoxin poisoning in moldy dog food, it will also cause kidney function and liver function damage in dogs, causing acute renal failure and liver function damage.

How to distinguish degraded dog food?

First of all, we can observe with the naked eye. Before we feed the dog, we should pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the dog food. If the shelf life is over, or if the shelf life is near in the absence of light, then the dog food is not suitable for feeding to the dog. In addition, we can also observe the surface of the dog food to see if there are white or green spots. Some words indicate that the dog food has started to mold, and should not continue to feed the dog. Second, we can get started with the dog food. Normal dog food is relatively dry and hard. If the dog food is soft and brittle and has a damp feeling, you should give the dog a new dog food. Then we can smell it with our nose. I believe that many people have smelled the deterioration of food, and this taste will also appear in dog food. It is impossible to give a sour taste in normal dog food. If you smell it in dog food, throw it away.

How to avoid dog food deterioration?

1.Reduce the amount of dog food purchase every time

Many people like to buy goods when the e-commerce platform discounts, but dog food is a fast-moving consumer product after all, we do not recommend the owner to dog food. Usually, the storage of dog food is usually more than one or two weeks. It is too much to save, and it is easy to expire after a long time.

2.Choose a good platform and brand

Dogs can't live without dog food for three meals a day, so for the sake of dog health, we recommend that you try to choose a platform and brand you can trust to buy. Some very poor dog foods may change the date of production directly and continue to sell them.

3.Make good use of Pet Food Container

Pet Food Containers are now almost a must-have for every family who raises a dog. It has a sealing ring and a desiccant to effectively isolate the dog food from the outside air and water, thus avoiding the deterioration of dog food. When the owner uses the Pet Food Container, they can directly put it into the package together. Do not pour the dog food directly into the Pet Food Container to avoid the oil residue in the barrel to breed bacteria.