Do You Really Know Plastic Pallet


A Plastic Pallet is a device that acts as a bearing sur […]

A Plastic Pallet is a device that acts as a bearing surface and includes an auxiliary structural member on the carrying surface when the article is trimmed into a unit during transportation, handling, and storage. Pallets are now widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and distribution.

From the structural point of view, the pallet is composed of a longitudinal beam (or a block) or a longitudinal beam (or a block, a leg) under a single layer of the two layers of the board. From the production materials, the pallets currently used are mainly made of wood, plastic, metal, etc.

As a tool for containerized transportation, pallets have the following advantages:

(1)Light weight. Therefore, the labor for loading, unloading, and transportation is small, and the amount of invalid transportation and inefficient handling is also small.

(2) Easy to exchange and use. The cost of the pallet is not high and the volume is small. As long as it is properly organized, the pallet is easier to exchange between the trade parties, which can reduce the transportation of empty pallets .

(3) It is easier to return by air. There is also very little carrying space for equipment when returning by air.

(4) Flexible and convenient usage, the loading and unloading of goods is relatively easy, and the applicable working occasions and types of goods are also extensive.

The main disadvantages of the pallet: The protection of goods is worse than that of containers, and it is difficult to store in the open air, which needs warehouses and wide access facilities.

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