Dog gets head caught in plastic container, can’t breathe


Every year, thousands of animals come through our doors […]

Every year, thousands of animals come through our doors at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. They arrive on leashes, in carriers, laundry baskets, vegetable crates, cardboard boxes and many other more imaginative forms of conveyance. Some of the incoming animals weigh a few ounces, others as much as a couple hundred pounds. We have even had a shopping bag of goldfish left on our counter. The circumstances under which pets have been brought to us are also quite varied, and last week we had a couple of very interesting deliveries.

Early in the week when the days were sickeningly hot and humid, one of the animal control officers (ACOs) came in with a big, charcoal gray mutt who was wobbling along on a leash. The dog was unsteady on his feet and his eyes were sort of bouncing around. Quite frankly, the ACO looked a little worse for the wear, too, but when he started relaying the dog’s story, I understood why.

Earlier that day, a lady had run out for a few minutes to go to the post office. When she returned home, she heard some sort of racket coming from the yard and went to see what the source of the banging was. Her investigation led her to find the big dog struggling with something stuck on his head. It turned out to be one of those large, plastic tubs that cheese puffs and pretzel rounds come in. The container would not come off and the dog was struggling with the heat and lack of oxygen.