FAQ about Pet Food Container


1.Does dry pet food go bad sitting out? As you know, dr […]

1.Does dry pet food go bad sitting out?

As you know, dry pet food can be stored in your Pet Food Container for an indefinite period of time provided that the container is placed in a dry and cool place that isn't exposed to direct sunlight or insect infestation. However, it's highly recommended to wash your pet food container and refill it every day to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination. Also, unnecessary exposure to air may lead to food going off before its expiration date, so it’s better to store it in a properly sealed container.

2.Can you store pet food in a plastic container?

Pet food can be stored in plastic pet food container, but it is advisable to do so by keeping it in the original bag and putting the bag in the container. The bag will prevent the accumulation of fat, and the container will prevent moisture and pests from reaching the food and it will keep it fresh and nutritious for a longer period of time.

3.Should dry pet food be refrigerated?

Dry pet food doesn't need to be refrigerated. It should be kept in a dry and cool place with a temperature below 100°F (38°C).

4.What is the shelf life of dry pet food?

Pet food in the USA isn't required to have an expiration date labeled on their packaging, but many companies do so to inform consumers on how long pet food can be used safely. However, just because a package of unopened pet food has passed its shelf life doesn't mean that the food went off. In such cases, you should look for signs such as bad smell, discoloration or contamination by pests or mold. Nonetheless, if the food is 3 months past their "Best By" date, you shouldn't give it to your pet. Even if the food doesn't smell bad and doesn't have any signs of contamination, it still may have lost its nutritional values due to the natural breakdown of preservatives and essential fats. Continuous consumption of such food could lead to serious health issues.