How to Handle Small Plastic Dustbins


Although the current Plastic Dustbin is convenient for […]

Although the current Plastic Dustbin is convenient for people's lives and improves people's living environment, there are various problems in the current Plastic Dustbin , such as ugly shape, single color, and so on.

There are different sizes of Plastic Dustbin. Large Plastic Dustbins are mainly used by residents in residential quarters to discard large (unclassified) domestic garbage. After the construction of the garbage sorting room, the large garbage bins that are equipped with mixed domestic garbage naturally need not be present and are cancelled.

But how to deal with small Plastic Dustbins? The small Plastic Dustbins on both sides of the city streets are mainly for pedestrians to discard beverage bottles, cans, food packaging boxes, bags, paper, etc. Although we can also change these small Plastic Dustbins into several classified small Plastic Dustbins, in the case of unattended supervision, pedestrians will not classify the garbage.

Considering that the garbage in the small Plastic Dustbins on both sides of the street constitutes the packaging of food and beverages that are mainly discarded by pedestrians, it is much simpler than the residential garbage and easy to classify. These small Plastic Dustbins are not required to be classified and placed by the pedestrians. After the garbage is cleared by the environmental protection department, the employees are classified and processed.

In order to prevent the unclassified large-sized domestic garbage from being thrown into these small Plastic Dustbins, the design of the small Plastic Dustbin can be improved, and the garbage entrance can be greatly reduced, and only the common food and beverage packaging can be put into it. And on the small Plastic Dustbin, it can only be put into the packaging of food and beverages, and other domestic garbage is not allowed to be invested. It can also be said that the small Plastic Dustbins is a sorting Plastic Dustbins. It is convenient for pedestrians (eat and drink). It only accepts garbage such as food and beverage packaging and does not accept other types of domestic garbage.