How to Keep Cat Food Fresh (Pet Food Container)


For cat families, monthly cat food expenditure is a big […]

For cat families, monthly cat food expenditure is a big expense. If you buy 10 kg of large cat food, it is more affordable than buying small cat food. It may even cost 1/3 of the price. However, families with normal 1-2 cats are often not fresh after they have finished eating. If you want cats to eat fresh and affordable cat food, then you have to think of solutions.

Method 1: integrate purchase with cat friends

It is the most affordable way to integrate purchase with cat friends whose cat’s eats the same cat food. They can buy cat food at a cheap price, and can eat cat food in a short time to prevent the cat food from spoiling. Good cat food, especially natural food, is more resistant to eating because of the better composition of cat food. Generally, an adult cat is enough for about two catty a month. The food in the house should not be stored for more than one month. The fresher the better. Therefore, according to the number of cats and the amount of food of the cat, it is decided to work with several people.

Method 2: store cat food in the refrigerator/freezer

Improper storage of cat food can cause the oil in the cat food to overflow and deteriorate. When the air is humid, the cat food may even be moldy and long hair. The cat food that has been spoiled by the cat will inevitably lead to illness.

Method 3: Sealed Pet Food Container

If the cat food is stored in a Sealed Pet Food Container, it is important to remember to prepare some Sealed Pet Food Containers. Place the sealed Pet Food Container of cat food in a cool, dry and dark place. Place some desiccant in the barrel(It is best to use a large pack of desiccant in a snow cake or a seaweed bag). Sealed Pet Food Container should not be stored for too long, and should not be stored for more than 3 months.

In short, The fresher the cat food for the cat, the better the health of the cat. Don’t forget the importance of cat food storage when you choose a good brand.