How to Use Sharps Container Properly


According to national requirements, sharpss container i […]

According to national requirements, sharpss container is for one-time use and it must be recycled by the medical waste disposal unit within 24 hours, and completely incinerated within 48 hours. The product adopts new polypropylene material and does not contain PVC. It is convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture resistant, non-leakage and easy to incinerate at high temperature. It cannot be opened without damage after being closed. Below, I will introduce you to the installation of the Plastic Sharp Container and how to use it properly.

Install the sharpss container: press the container and the cover to press down and install it as a whole. Rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover left and right to open or close the sharps container, turn counterclockwise to open, and clockwise to close. Collection of the syringe needle: Insert the needle into the drop-shaped hole, get stuck at the interface between the syringe nipple and the needle, gently press the syringe down and the syringe needle will automatically fall into the sharps container.

Collect the sharps part of the infusion set: hold the hose of the infusion set, insert the sharps part into the large opening of the top cover, cut it with scissors, and the sharps part will fall into the sharps container. sharps objects such as blades or glass, as well as bloody contaminated items such as syringes and infusion sets for blood transfusion can be placed directly into the top large opening.

When the sharps container is filled to 70% of the volume, the sharps container should be closed: turn the red rotating disc on the top cover clockwise, and after hearing the sound of “squeaky”, slam the red top cover. The entire weapon container is safely locked.

Collect needles for syringes, infusion sets, and disposable items; collect medical small glass products, various types of blades, scalp needles, suture needles, etc.; collect blood-stained medical instruments such as syringes, blood transfusion devices, etc.; sharps dangerous goods such as medical sharpss that must be placed in the sharps container.