Marketing Analysis of Storage Box III


The storage box is very prevalent in the market suitabl […]

The storage box is very prevalent in the market suitable for the public with low cost and various applications, which can make our life clean and beautiful, trendy and fashionable, playing an important role in storing and saving more space so that the storage box has a number of marketing opportunities.

SWOT Analysis

1 Advantages

Appearance: In general, the storage box is made of plastic material with diversified colors, favored by the majority of users.

Use: The most important thing is the favorable price, which is affordable. In addition, it is convenient to wash since plastic material.

2. Disadvantages

The shortcomings of the storage box are obvious. The storage box can’t be made in a variety of styles because of the limitations of plastics


The inexpensive and small storage boxes can provide a lot of convenience for life, reflecting the personality. With a number of target customers, especially for girls, it has broad market prospects.

4. Threat

There are a lot of similar storage boxes in the grid, which adds a lot of competitive pressure to us.

Marketing Methods

With the development of the Internet, the value of online marketing has become more and more obvious. Internet marketing, also known as e-marketing, refers to a form of marketing that operates on the Internet. The Internet brings many unique conveniences to marketing, such as wide spread, fast speed, no geographical restrictions, detailed content, multimedia transmission, vivid image, and rapid feedback. Internet marketing includes various means such as E-mail marketing, blog, marketing, online advertising marketing, video marketing, media marketing, bidding marketing, SEO marketing,etc. Our company makes full use of the Internet to sell products, achieve accurate customer positioning so that we can stand out in the fierce competition.

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