Marketing Analysis of Storage Box Ⅰ


The storage box is very popular in the market with low […]

The storage box is very popular in the market with low cost, wide benefit, suitable for the public, which makes our space simple and beautiful, trendy and fashionable; it is more convenient to store and save more space, you can store all kinds of small items as you like. For the people who use it, we mainly focus on young students, office workers and social households.

First, the needs of the target population

(1) The needs of young students for goods are towards basic functions, the aesthetic functions, and consumption convenience. The storage box is widely used for school supplies, various decorations, and skin care products. In addition, there is still a requirement for the shape of the storage box, such as the pursuit of individuality and novelty. Students are not willing to spend too much time buying a storage box, so in the vicinity of the target consumer mass or online sales can stimulate consumer demand.

(2) The needs of households for goods are towards basic functions, quality and performance of goods. The home crowd is not only an individual in the face of consumption, but also the needs of the entire family. In addition to the function, quality (the price, the practicality) also has higher requirements, but also they also combine with its own income.

(3) The needs of office workers for goods are towards basic functions and consumption convenience. Their demand for storage boxes is mainly to put their own daily necessities into order, because office workers are busy with work, so a storage box makes it easier for them to find the items they want to use. It can not only make the desk clean and tidy but also increase the motivation of the work. Putting home can give them more time to rest because the storage boxes make them quickly find what they want to use and save time. With reasonable price and good practicality, they are allowed to produce consumer behavior. In department stores, holiday specials or limited time discounts will give them a greater desire to buy.

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