The meaning of the various colors of the plastic trash can


In our daily life, we can see that there are color tras […]

In our daily life, we can see that there are color trash cans, which are basically divided into five kinds: red, green, blue, gray and yellow. Don't think these colors are nice. The color of plastic trash can is regulated by industry.

1, Red: it represents hazardous substances, and sometimes it is also marked with orange. Harmful substances including waste batteries, fluorescent tubes, paints, expired drugs, cosmetics and other non recyclable substances with certain pollution hazards.

2, Green: under the combination of various plastic trash cans, green represents kitchen waste, kitchen waste can be used as fertilizer for plant nutrients. After burying, soil can be decomposed and absorbed by natural microbes and plants, playing the role of waste recycling.

3, Blue represents: Recyclable recycled, including plastic, paper, metal and other valuable substances, these substances will be included in the recycling system, use of renewable resources disposal.

4, Gray: in addition to harmful substances and recyclable materials, such substances are generally burned, buried and other treatments.

5, Yellow: for medical waste special garbage cans, generally used only in hospitals, health stations and other medical places.

With the acceleration of the new rural construction process, many rural areas will also issue different colors of plastic trash cans, one is to create a better living environment for villagers, the other is to improve the villagers' garbage classification and environmental protection and energy saving awareness.