Overview of Bright Plastic Waste Bin


Bright Waste Bin is used in many industries for cleanin […]

Bright Waste Bin is used in many industries for cleaning and sanitation, bringing cleanliness, sanitation and environmental protection to cities, community and various public places. It is an environmentally friendly product. There are about 500 million Waste Bins in use in China, 66% of which are iron and wooden Waste Bins, and only special plastic Waste Bins can be recycled.

Function of Plastic Waste Bin

A container for garbage, which can make our lives clean and tidy.

Use Environment Plastic Waste Bin

The plastic waste bin is used in an environment resistant to acid, alkali, oil, corrosion and weather, and can be used normally in the temperature range of -30C~65C. It is widely used in various environments and can be used for garbage collection such as property, factory, sanitation and family.

Requirements of Plastic waste bin

Plastic trash cans have good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, shock absorption, high hardness, good bending resistance, good mechanical properties, good thermal insulation, anti-static, etc.

Requirements for use and appearance

Under the premise of ensuring the use performance, physical, chemical, dielectric properties and mechanical properties of the plastic parts, plastics with low cost and good forming properties are selected as much as possible, and the structure is simple, the wall thickness is uniform, and the forming is convenient.

When designing plastic parts, the overall structure of the mold should be considered, so that the mold cavity is easy to design and manufacture, the mold core pulling and pushing mechanism is simple, and the mold structure is simplified as much as possible.

When designing plastic parts, the forming processability of the raw materials, such as fluidity, shrinkage should be considered. The shape of the plastic parts is convenient for molding.