Pallet Improve Speed and Efficiency of Logistics Transportation


Pallet is one of the basic assembly equipment in modern […]

Pallet is one of the basic assembly equipment in modern logistics playing an important role in integrating the supply chain. As the global economic competition intensifies, the potential profit in the logistics field has been increasingly valued, and the logistics strategy has become an integral part of the overall enterprise. At the beginning of the 21st century, China's logistics industry has developed rapidly, but it is still in its infancy. The low operational efficiency and high logistics cost have become an urgent problem. The pallet is one of the basic tools for integrating the supply chain. Logistics plays an important role in the pallet applications which is one of the key links to solve the above problems.

The low efficiency of logistics and transportation is the most important reason for the high logistics costs. Therefore, the logistics industry and the transportation industry must vigorously promote the application of the first logistics operation technology and transportation organization, and continuously improve the speed and efficiency of logistics transportation, in order to meet the growing demand for logistics and transportation, and continuously reduce the logistics costs of the whole society.

Since the mid-20th century, the advanced logistics and transportation operations organized by the pallet as the core have been rapidly developed and widely used in developed countries, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of logistics transportation.

Function of pallet is to serve as a carrier for carrying articles and to make various items into a basic unit for storage and transportation. A transport method in which a small-sized article is combined into a unit of a certain size by a pallet, which is called a pallet transport. Since the cargo transportation process includes many operations, the most ideal organization for transporting pallets is to consistently use the same pallet in all aspects of the whole process of cargo transportation until the goods are delivered to the final owner. It can avoid invalid labor such as cargo switching pallets and repeated loading and unloading during transportation to improve transportation speed and efficiency.

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