Performance And Characteristics of Sanitary Garbage Bins


Sanitary garbage bins are common around us seen in the […]

Sanitary garbage bins are common around us seen in the community, park, mall and on the street. In our daily life garbage bins put in different places can make it more convenient for us to put rubbish in a better way to avoid the phenomenon of randomly throwing garbage. As a manufacturer of garbage bins, we would like to introduce sanitation garbage bins to you.

Application of sanitary garbage bins

Sanitary garbage bins are widely used in city blocks, landscaping, commercial buildings, residence community, star hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, etc.

Performance and characteristics of sanitary garbage bins

1. Adopting high-density polyethylene, it was produced and produced according to international unified standards with one-time injection molding. Anti-ultraviolet agent added to the raw materials, not easy to fade.

2. In line with the development trend of international sanitation equipment, our products are non-toxic, tasteless, non-spiked, acid-alkali resistant, mildew-proof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, non-repairable and recyclable with strong pressure resistance, shock resistance, sealed storage and convenient to move.

3. Combined with the modern design style of Europe and America, our products conform to the needs of modern urban construction in appearance. In addition to changing the shortcomings of the old products, they are more practical and decorative. They are mainly environmentally friendly with green, as well as blue and orange, etc, made of imported master batch and computerized dyeing. Injection molding was carried out after re-granulation and thorough stirring with dignified bright and long-lasting color and strong impact resistance.

4. Sanitary garbage bins can be opened by foot pedal and are moveable, which avoids direct contact between hands and pollutants to achieve direct docking operation with a compressed garbage truck. It is convenient to put garbage and easy to clean with good sealing, reducing secondary pollution and the spread of bacteria and meeting the requirements of contemporary environmental protection.

These garbage bins work well, which help to reduce the waste products for our society. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the situation of garbage cans on account of quality. Equipped with tires, garbage bins will be cleaned conveniently for sanitation workers.

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