Plastic Waste Bin - Principles of Garbage Classification


Taizhou Bright Plastic Waste Bin is widely used in many […]

Taizhou Bright Plastic Waste Bin is widely used in many industries including cleaning and sanitation, bringing cleanliness for cities, communities which is an environmentally friendly product in real life around us.

Classification Use

The purpose of the classification is to divert the waste, use the existing manufacturing capacity, recycle products, including material utilization and energy utilization, and landfill disposal of waste that is temporarily unavailable.

Adapt to local conditions

The geographical, economic development level, the ability of enterprises to recycle waste, the source of residents, living habits, economic and psychological capacity of different regions, districts, communities (districts) and communities are different.

Self-awareness and self-autonomous

Communities and residents, including enterprises and institutions, gradually develop behavioral norms of “reduction, circulation, self-awareness, autonomy” and innovative waste sorting and processing modes, and become the main force of waste reduction, classification, recycling and utilization.

Emission reduction subsidy

Formulate standards for the discharge of units and households, and subsidize them below this standard; if they exceed this standard, they will be punished. The more subsidies are reduced, the more subsidies are imposed, and the more severe the punishments, the more enthusiasm the units and residents are in implementing source reduction and emission control.

Bundled service

When the residents have not voluntarily and consciously acted and the resources of the village (village) committee and the government are insufficient, promoting the classification of emissions requires the involvement of property management companies and other enterprises. However, it is difficult to make profits only to undertake classified emissions, and enterprises cannot intervene, and the implementation of bundled services can solve this problem. Bundling the classified discharge service with the garbage collection and transportation and dry and wet waste disposal business can promote the capitalization of waste classification and ensure the reasonable profit of the enterprise.