Position Analysis of Sharp Container Disposal II


As stated in the previous article, taizhou bright Sharp […]

As stated in the previous article, taizhou bright Sharps Container Disposal should be placed from the ground to the upper left of the infusion set and the empty needle recovery box in the treatment room, which is convenient to put the long scalp needle hose into the sharp containers. However, during the investigation, it was found that due to the low height of the lower layer of the treated car, there was still occasional needle leakage. In the survey of the satisfaction of the medical staff on the position of sharp container in the treatment room, it was found that the satisfaction rate after the change from 63.33% to 100%, and the satisfaction rate before and after the change of the position of the treatment vehicle sharp box increased from 50% to 83.33. %. The level of satisfaction is related to the leakage rate of the sharp box in clinical use.

The installation height of the sharp container should meet the space range that the user's arm can touch and is lower than the eye level: the user can clearly see the population of the sharp container; the container should be within the reach of the arm and the container entrance remains open during operation; The entrance of the container should not be too small; the height of the sharp container of the fixture should be lower than the operator's eye level; we’d better use a transparent sharp container to increase the visibility.

Through clinical practice and observation, placing the sharp container disposal in a suitable position can effectively reduce the leakage and sharp weapon damage, which not only reduces occupational exposure, but also prevents the spread of infectious diseases, and is worthy of promotion. At the same time, we should also strengthen the medical staff's study on safety performance to improve the correct use rate of the sharp container.