Primary Advantages of Plastic Pallet


As a company who focuses on the improvement of environm […]

As a company who focuses on the improvement of environmental sanitary products and initiates innovative developments, we are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of plastic products including various plastic pallets with a number of advantages. The primary advantages of our plastic pallets are as follows.


Although you will spend more money initially buying the same number of plastic pallets as it would for wooden ones, the choice for plastic pallets rather than wooden ones will eventually save you money, since plastic is more durable with a longer life.

Less CO2

Apart from the usual assessment criteria, such as price and quality, CO2 emission is becoming a more common decision parameter for clients. Due to lighter weight, plastic pallets can be transported more at once, which means that the amount of CO2 emissions from transporting goods will decrease. Therefore, you will pay less for fuel costs for your cargo transportation, which not only saves your money, but you are also contributing to a greener world.

Sustainable choice

The production of these pallets is highly sustainable, as they can be completely recycled. Because of their durability, the pallets also have an extra-long lifespan, while wooden pallets can not be weather-resistant as usual. Obviously, plastic pallets are necessary for you, because they are stronger than wooden ones. Additionally, wooden pallets have the risk that they will be damaged by splinters.

Risk prevention

Wooden pallets have to be repaired every once in a while to keep up the quality. Because pallets travel all around the world, there is a considerable chance that vermin and bacteria will enter into the wooden pallets that’s why many countries have set strict regulations to prevent the spread of disease and bacteria from mildew. The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has set several demands that wooden pallets have to meet. From January 2010 onwards, all the EPAL pallet have to meet the set demands, which also stated on the pallet. However, there are also many used pallets in circulation which have been produced before 2010, creating unfortunate situations, such as the chance that your shipment is turned back at the border. Apart from this being a hassle, it can also be very costly. If you purchase plastic pallets, the kind of situation can be completely avoided.

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