Protecting Environment Is Our Responsibility


With the improvement of living standards, industrial pr […]

With the improvement of living standards, industrial products will bring a lot of garbage while bringing convenience to people. Plastic products have exploded in the past few decades. According to the National Geographic Channel, only 9% of plastic products are eventually recycled, which means that most of the plastic bottles, disposable tableware, straws and plastic cups we used have been landfilled or flowed to the sea. It takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, posing a health threat to both marine life and humans. Therefore, people should actively implement waste sorting, promote recycling, and develop green habits. Adhere to the following small methods to reduce unnecessary waste. Here some advice are as follows.

No plastic bags are needed for shopping. When you go shopping in the supermarket, remember to bring a reusable green shopping bag. When you check out, tell the cashier that you don't want plastic bags, so that other customers may also be positively affected.

Take out the necessary items on the outing and say no to the disposable chopsticks. According to statistics, the world needs to cut down 20 million trees every year to make disposable chopsticks, as well as wooden toothpicks, which are mostly discarded after one use. When you go to work, go out to eat or go on a trip, you should bring your own used metal chopsticks, as well as other tableware, cloth napkins, water cups, etc. A better way is to bring your own healthy meals.

Reduce waste generation during the holidays. During the Spring Festival, Christmas, and online shopping festivals such as Double 11, the waste will surge, mostly in the form of shopping bags, commodity packaging and leftovers, which should be given special attention. You can send an e-card or give a gift that does not produce waste, such as asking a friend to watch a movie or enjoy a concert, etc.

Plastic Garbage Bin is widely used in many industries including cleaning and sanitation, bringing cleanliness for cities, communities which is an environmentally friendly product in real life around us. More than 500 million Garbage Bins are in use in China, 66% of which are iron and wood trash cans, and recyclable plastic bins account for only 30%, so there is still a lot of space for plastic Garbage Bins.

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