Purchase Recipes of plastic storage box


Nowadays, plastic storage boxes are generally made of P […]

Nowadays, plastic storage boxes are generally made of PP. In general, PP is of great heat resistance, and temperature range of heat distortion is between 80 to 100 ° C, which can be applied in boiling water. In addition, PP has great stress crack resistance with high bending fatigue life, commonly known as "Polypropylene". What’s more, the overall performance of PP is superior to that of PE. Light in weight, good in toughness and resistant to chemical, in daily life, PP material commonly used for plastic storage box.

The characteristics of the plastic storage box are that the upper and lower covers are connected, with the buckled buckles. The movable handles are inserted into the grooves so that it is convenient to carry. With a beautiful and elegant shape, it meets the new trend. Its transparency makes it possible to effectively display the items contained in it, which greatly enhances the appreciation. The plastic storage box is durable and easy to scrub.

Plastic storage box is a simple and lightweight storage box with multi-purpose, used to store scattered items in the home, classified into small boxes. However, in life, the plastic storage box not only has the function of storage but also serves as a decorative effect, making the home more neat, beautiful and natural.

Small objects also need to be stored, so a storage box appears which make us more convenient to find things. As to the purchase skills of plastic storage boxes I introduce, you can get the idea now.

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