Quality Guarantee of Garbage Bin Mold


Plastic garbage bin molds made of PP materials are very […]

Plastic garbage bin molds made of PP materials are very demanding. However, it is difficult to make a superior trash can. First of all, the quality of the mold should be guaranteed. Mold design, mold assembly, hot runner and cold runner selection should be taken into consideration. How to solve the problems of the mold? The main points are as follows:

First, mold assembly

Every component should be taken seriously, otherwise, some problems will arise. In particular, we should pay attention to the cleaning work of the mold in the process of assembly, especially the water circuit and screw holes. The iron chips inside must be blown clean, otherwise, our customers won’t be unsatisfied.

Second, the hot runner or the cold runner

This actually has the least impact on the quality of the mold, because the hot runners are generally designated brands, especially some big customers. Because of the quality and after-sales service of well-known brands, so there is no big problem in quality.

Third, cooling line

Cooling is critical to a mold. Due to the increase in special prices and wages, it is unimaginative that the profit from the cycle of attention is not reduced in bulk production. However, when the production cycle is accelerated, the mold temperature rises so that the mold can’t be formed, and even the mold deformation may be scrapped. Therefore, the excellent channel design is particularly important, including distribution density, diameter, links, etc.

Fourth, mold maintenance

Maintenance is of great importance during the production process. Like a car, it is not used for a long time without maintenance, which causes the mold to be scrapped. Therefore, the mold needs to be fully maintained after each use, especially the molded part and the main moving parts. Because the mold has to be watered during the production process, it is possible to get water on the mold during the installation or disassembly process, so please be sure to dry the mold and then apply a layer of oil to protect.

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