Sharps Container - Let Home Medical Waste "Go Home"


“Garbage classification” is a hot word in the circle of […]

“Garbage classification” is a hot word in the circle of friends during this time. As one of the 46 key cities that are listed as the first to implement the classification of domestic waste, Wuhan is about to enter the life of every citizen. While netizens are hot on the Internet about how to classify wet and dry garbage, how to deal with family medical waste has become a distressing problem for many slow patients.

The nursing staff of the endocrinology department of Wuhan Central Hospital began to ponder how to classify family medical wastes for diabetic patients. In the outpatient clinic, we carried out volunteer services for the recovery of insulin needles outside the hospital, publicized the safe recycling of medical waste, and made the home medical waste safely “go home”. Many Diabetic patients like it.

During the activity, the endocrinology clinic came to the clinic and the diabetic patients in need of the national standard small sharps container to guide them to throw the used needle into the sharps container at home, when the container is filled with three quarters of the seal Then take it to the hospital for treatment and receive a new Sharps Container Disposal . At the same time, the nurse will carry out a health education on the safe recycling of insulin needles outside the hospital.

Mr. Xia is 72 years old and is an old Diabetic patient with a history of 10 years of diabetes. More than half a month ago, he went to the hospital's endocrinology clinic to monitor blood sugar, holding a sealed sharps container in his hand. The nurse Zhou Hao took the sharps container and handed him a new sharps container. "Xia Wei, this time the new insulin needle is used up, remember to throw it into this sharps container!"

"In the past, every time I dropped the blood-stained needles that had been injected with insulin into the trash can, I was always upset and afraid of getting stuck. This activity is very good, I like them to do it!" Mr. Xia lamented.