"Smart Garbage Bin" Opens A New Era of Environmental Protection


Have you ever thought of such a scene? In the near futu […]

Have you ever thought of such a scene? In the near future, the Garbage Bins are no longer stinky, and people just want to retreat, but more like a smart machine with no odor and automatic classification processing to bring people a convenient sci-fi feeling. It can not only release WIFI hotspots, but also sounds a warning, prompting garbage sorting, and automatically turning waste into treasure.

The background of smart Garbage Bins: with the development of times, Environmental protection is urgent. The fundamental purpose of environmental protection is to protect and improve our own living environment. Since the 20th century, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention by the state. Although the environmental governance methods of different countries are different, there are first post-development and post-governance development. What they have in common is that the environment has been seriously damaged. But their fundamental purpose is also to improve the living environment. To achieve sustainable development, it is precisely because of this severe situation that the emergence of smart trash can should play an irreplaceable role in environmental improvement.

Intelligent Plastic Garbage Bin production principle: It adopts advanced computer control chip, infrared sensor detection device and mechanical transmission part integrating machine, light and electricity. The intelligent sensing of the Garbage Bin is controlled by the circuit chip, consisting of an infrared detecting device and a mechanical electronic driving system. As long as the object is close to the sensing area, the lid will automatically open, no external power supply is needed, and no energy is consumed by the solar power supply. Combining infrared sensing and micro-computer's exquisite streamlined appearance sensing design, it is flexible and convenient, and it can easily throw garbage without manual foot pedal.

Smart Garbage Bin will be convenient for us and it will be future development trend.