The Role of Plastic Pallets in Modern Logistics


As is known to us, a Plastic Pallet acts as a bearing s […]

As is known to us, a Plastic Pallet acts as a bearing surface, including an auxiliary structural member on the carrying surface when the products is trimmed into a unit during transportation, handling, and storage. Pallets are now widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and distribution.

1.Using a pallet to assemble a single item of several parts into a large-sized loading and unloading unit shipment, it can increase the loading and unloading capacity of each cargo, facilitate the mechanization and automation of loading and unloading operations, and improve loading and unloading.

2.The use of pallets for loading and unloading operations can improve the handling activity of goods, facilitate the rapid transfer of goods from one state to another, and transfer from one logistics link to another to improve the logistics operation speed.

3.Based on the pallet, the scattered goods are assembled into a larger packaging unit, which can simplify the transportation and packaging of goods, save packaging materials and expenses, and facilitate the inventory and management of the quantity of goods, reducing the loss of goods and the rate of goods.

4.In the warehousing process, the pallets are used to store goods, which is convenient for stacking high-level goods or storing goods on high-rise shelves to realize three-dimensional storage. It can make full use of warehouse space, improve warehouse volume utilization, and facilitate mechanization and automatic access operations.

5.Using pallets for cargo transportation, which facilitates quick loading and unloading of goods, facilitates rapid conversion from one transportation mode to another, avoids inefficient labor such as repeated flipping of single-piece cargo, improves the speed of transit transportation of goods and speeds up the turnover of transportation vehicles.

Our plastic pallet, a new product of the storage and transportation in the industry, compared with steel pallets and wooden pallets, it has light weight, flatness, beautiful appearance, long service life.

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