Transportation and Storage of Plastic Pallet


Plastic Pallet should be operated in a package combinat […]

Plastic Pallet should be operated in a package combination. The goods placed on the pallets should be properly bundled and wrapped to facilitate mechanical loading and unloading and transportation to meet the requirements of handling, transportation, and storage.

Above all, the load weight of the plastic pallets:

The load weight of a single plastic pallet depends on the operating environment of the plastic pallet which should satisfy the dynamic load, static load, shelf load, and we should consider whether a built-in steel pipe is needed. In order to ensure safety during transportation, the height of the center of gravity of the cargo should not exceed two-thirds of the width of the pallet.

In addition, cargo stacking method

According to various goods, the quality of the goods carried on the pallet and the size of the pallet, we should determine the cargo stacking method reasonably. The carrier surface area utilization of the pallets should generally be no less than 80%. Requirements of stacking of goods are as follows:

First, sealed metal containers and other cylindrical goods should be stacked in single layer or multi-layers.

Second, paper products and textile goods that need to be protected from moisture and water should be stacked in single-layer or multi-layer alternate tiers row pattern. Stretch or shrink packaging, to increase angle support.

Third, fragile goods should be stacked in one layer or multi-layer, to increase the structure of the wooden support partition.

Fourth. the metal bottle cylindrical container or the single layer of the cargo is vertically stacked, and additional cargo frames and slats are used to reinforce the structure.

Fifth, bag goods should be stacked in a multi-layer alternate tiers row pattern.

Finally, carrying cargo protection and reinforcement:

After the goods carried by the plastic pallets are fixed, if they still cannot meet the transportation requirements, the protective reinforcement attachments should be selected according to the needs. Reinforced protective accessories are made of paper, wood, plastic, metal, etc.