Various Advantages of Different Pallets


In terms of corrosion resistance, the Plastic Pallet is […]

In terms of corrosion resistance, the Plastic Pallet is the best, the plastic wood is the second, and the steel pallet is the worst;

* Excellent performance in plastic pallets in terms of moisture resistance;

* In the resistance to insects, the steel pallet is the best, the plastic pallet is the second;

* In terms of average life, steel pallets and plastic pallets are difficult to distinguish;

* Paper and wooden pallets have certain advantages in pallet weight;

* Steel pallets work best in load bearing performance; paper pallets are poor;

* Plastic and steel pallets are superior to paper and wooden pallets in terms of performance;

* In the price of pallets, wooden pallets have advantages, followed by paper and plastic wood, and steel pallets are the most expensive.

However, some pallets are difficult to replace with other varieties depending on the application in actual use. For example, when carrying heavy items, steel pallets are irreplaceable. But overall, plastics, plastic-wood composites and paper pallets will be more promising products, and plastic pallets are the most important.

Transportation advantage of pallet is as follow:

(1) Using pallet handling, it can improve working conditions and eliminate heavy physical labor;

(2) The operation time is greatly reduced, the transportation time is shortened, and the transportation rate of the truck is increased; usually the driver of the forklift can work for ten people alone. If the goods are scattered or heavier, one can say that one person is equivalent to two. The workload of ten people;

(3) There is very little damage to the goods when the pallet is transported. When the man carries the handling work, due to fatigue, mistakes, the goods may be scattered and damaged;

(4) The use of pallets has a certain amount of cargo, which can prevent quantity errors during shipment and facilitate quantity management;

(5) It is possible to effectively carry out the consolidation and storage of the storage place to carry out the three-dimensional storage;

(6) Three-dimensional warehouse, automatic shelf warehouse, etc., if there is no pallet, its function cannot be realized;

(7) There must be a pallet for unmanned handling in the factory;