What Is the Color of 4 Kinds of Dustbins


Rules No.24 stipulates that the units and individuals t […]

Rules No.24 stipulates that the units and individuals that produce domestic garbage are responsible for the classification and distribution, and the domestic garbage shall be classified into the corresponding collection containers, such as Plastic Dustbin.

If the domestic garbage is not effectively classified in the delivery process, subsequent classification, transportation and disposal will not be discussed. According to the principle of “who is born and who is responsible”, the units and individuals that produce domestic garbage are the first responsible persons for classified distribution, and should be classified according to the classification criteria of “recyclables, hazardous waste, wet garbage and dry garbage”. Deliver to the respective collection container. Plastic Dustbin and other collection facilities are also unified according to the classification criteria to distinguish different colors (recyclables - blue, hazardous garbage - red, wet garbage - brown, dry garbage - black).

Kitchen waste and kitchen waste oil generated outside the daily life of the residents shall be placed in a dedicated collection container. The waste generated in the decoration and decoration of the house is disposed of in accordance with the construction waste, and is separately placed in the stacking place set by the management responsible person. Large pieces of garbage such as used furniture can be reserved for recycling or placed at designated locations, and relevant measures are being formulated.

The regulations stipulate that the unit does not classify domestic garbage into the corresponding collection container, and stipulates that it can impose a fine of 5,000 to 50,000 yuan; for individuals to mix hazardous waste with recyclables, wet garbage, dry garbage, or wet garbage If it is mixed with recyclables or dry garbage, it is punishable by a fine of 50 to 200 yuan.

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