What is the smart trash can


Smart trash, have you heard of it? First of all, it has […]

Smart trash, have you heard of it? First of all, it has the word "smart", which embodies its "uncommon". The application of solar energy makes the garbage can have a rhythm life. Solar panels are installed on the top of the trash can to convert solar energy into electric energy. The solar energy is supplied to the garbage bin through the solar energy to maintain the normal operation of the functions of the garbage can, and it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The problem of unexpected power outages.

The full barrel warning reminds that the trash can also has life. Traditional trash cans rely on human operations, loading garbage bags and throwing empty garbage bags. However, smart trash cans don't need to be personally involved, and the system detector automatically senses the overflow of the garbage. When the garbage reaches a certain amount, the garbage bin will automatically send the information that the garbage is full to the garbage disposal center. After receiving the information, the garbage disposal center will process it according to the network positioning of the garbage can.

In the traditional trash can we have to do cleaning work from time to time, but the smart trash can "bath" yourself. And there is also high temperature sterilization, so that bacteria can not destroy themselves. The value of the smart trash can is also good, think about ourselves at most is pure. However, the smart trash can is colorful, and each smart trash can is equipped with LED lights. When it is dawn, it lights out itself at night, and it lights up at night, beautifying itself and benefiting the city.