What Should You Pay Attention to When Keeping Dog Food


Many owners find that the dog food in their homes will […]

Many owners find that the dog food in their homes will be the first to think about whether it is the quality of dog food, but pet-food-container.com has to remind parents that the storage of dog food after opening is also very important! Wet days, high temperature days It may affect the quality of dog food. If the dog food is not preserved and the owner does not find it in time, it will cause the dog to diarrhea, so it is necessary to store the dog food.

Dog food has the distinction between dry and wet food, and should be treated differently when it is preserved. In general, it is very good to choose Pet Food Container to keep the dog dry food. Clean the Pet Food Container , then dry the bucket, then pour the dog food into it, then cover the lid and place it. In a cool, dry place, it can be well preserved.

If it is a dog wet food, it should be placed in the refrigerator fresh-keeping room. In general, the dog's wet food packaging is not too big, will be packaged according to the dog's diet, so after opening the wet food cans, it is best to eat the dog within 24 hours, of course, if you really eat If you don't finish it, you can put it in the refrigerator for insurance storage.

Dog food is very easy to break when the temperature is hot, especially wet food. Therefore, the dog food must be well sealed. The dry food should be placed in a cool, dry place. The wet food can be placed in the refrigerator after it is sealed. Dry feed is the best source of nutrition for dogs and is a must-have for dogs. The consumption of large dogs is staggering, and the consumption of dry feed is very large. Parents are required to store large packs of feed in case of emergency. Small dogs have a small amount of food, and a pack always has to be eaten for a long time. Therefore, once the dry feed is opened, it needs to be properly preserved. Otherwise, it may be deteriorated due to moisture and mildew, or it may be eaten by uninvited guests such as cockroaches or rats. Now tell you how to keep the dog from the first feed to the last one that still keeps a fresh taste!