What Types of Dustbins Are on the Market


Materials of the dustbin can be divided into plastic, s […]

Materials of the dustbin can be divided into plastic, stainless steel, metal, metal baking varnish, steel wood, marble, glass steel and so on.

Plastic Dustbin

It is easy to clean with the simple process, suitable for indoor use. In the outdoor, there is a requirement for materials and it is not easy to age.

Advantages are as follows:100% high-density polyethylene raw material injection molding, acid, alkali and corrosion resistance; with one-piece plastic structure, it is tough and durable, and can withstand a variety of external impact; the bottom is particularly strengthened, not easy to collapse, deform and wear, which will extend service life; lids are close, which will prevent odor emission, rain intrusion, mosquito and fly breeding; the design accords with human body engineering, light, durable, and flexible;

Metal Dustbin

Outdoor use will not be corroded by rain, but there is a possibility of being stolen. Material: usually imported galvanized steel or cold rolled steel. It has three advantages: first, the metal material is durable and not easy to break; second, it is fire resistant, high and low temperature resistant, suitable for harsh weather conditions; third, electrostatic powder coating process, double-layer rust-proof, paint surface color durable;

Stainless Steel Dustbin

Material: usually imported 304 stainless steel or 180-202 stainless steel with the advantages: first, high-quality stainless steel material is molded, durable and not easy to break; second, fire-resistant, high temperature resistant, suitable for a variety of harsh weather conditions; third, the metal is shiny, elegant and beautiful, widely used in various places; Outdoor type is usually equipped with a base and a lock, which is easy to connect with the ground and safe against theft.

Wooden Dustbin

The decorative wood is mostly high quality imported hawthorn wood, and the frame is made of steel plate with some advantages: high-density logs, hard material, not easy to be damaged and warped; the wood is anti-corrosion and anti-mite, and durable with multi-layer surface protection treatment; wood color, natural and beautiful, suitable for roads, greening and various public leisure areas; double-layer anti-rust technology is not easy to peel off paint, sturdy and durable, equipped with galvanized steel inner barrel, easy to collect and clean the garbage.

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