Why Can't Plastic Pallets Use Suction Molding


Our common Plastic Pallet are mostly injection molding […]

Our common Plastic Pallet are mostly injection molding and suction molding. Among them, there are many plastic injection pallets. This is mainly because the plastic injection pallets have strong bearing capacity. Some people may ask why there is no plastic tray made by plastic molding process?

When it comes to plastic pallets, you will think of plastic pallets for logistics, that is, pallets for carrying goods on the floor. The concept of plastic pallets is more extensive. In general, plastic pallets can be called plastic pallets, such as plastic pallets for food and medicine, and they use different processes because of the difference in shape. The process, while the small and thin plastic pallet uses a blister process.

What is the difference between injection molding and suction molding?

1, different production methods

The suction molding product is obtained by baking the sheet and then pushing the sheet to suction by bonding the sheet to the mold and then cooling.

Injection molding is made by laminating the hot-melted plastic under pressure on the injection mold and then cooling it.

2, different types of use

Suction molding is mostly used in electronic products, digital products, toys, stationery, hardware accessories, etc., plastic products are mostly in the form of plastic boxes, plastic blister, plastic pallets, plastic covers.

Injection molding is usually used for the production of plastic pallets, such as mobile phone cases, computer casings, plastic cups, mouse cases, etc., and injection molding processes are also used.

3, different production cycle

The plastic product is a hot and soft production mode. Multiple products can be molded by multiple molds at a time. The injection mold has a long production cycle and is produced by pressing a single model and multiple products. The split directly forms the product.

4, from the practical application

suction molding is a product in the form of a package, and injection molding is a product in the form of an article. The same is that the two are products of a plastic type.

In general, the concept of plastic pallets is extensive. Different types of pallets of different sizes and shapes will use different production processes, and the plastic pallets used for logistics are not suitable for the suction molding because of their large thickness.