Why to Prepare Pet Food Container for your Cat


Tearing open the package, keeping the fresh race Variou […]

Tearing open the package, keeping the fresh race

Various pet food containers have been invented to preserve the dry cat food, because once the cat food is opened, it will gradually oxidize when it comes into contact with the air, which will cause the cat food to enter the countdown of decay, the vitamins gradually degrade, the fat gradually acidifies, and some beneficial fatty acids will quickly oxidize and disappear.

It also makes the fragrance of cat food lost, and for cats who choose food by smell, it is likely to make them completely lose interest in this bag of cat food.In addition, improper storage, cat food may also have these problems

When the moist air enters the original dry cat food, the cat food will be accelerated and spoiled.

In a high temperature direct environment, it will also accelerate the degradation and deterioration of cat food.

If the seal is not good, it may attract ants, cockroaches and other small insects into the cat food.

Therefore, the pet food container was introduced and invented.

Pet food containers are various, and it is also known as sealing, drying and preservation.

So many cat owners bought cat food, and they slammed their brains into the grain storage bucket. I felt that it was ok.

But is it really absolutely safe?

There are a large number of pet food containers on the market, which are generally said to be: moisture-proof, insect-proof and safe.

However, in fact, the various pet food container with different prices and uneven quality may not be reassuring.

Is it really enough to seal?

The pet food containers are all called seals, so there is a layer or even multiple layers of seals on the general barrel cover. Nitrogen! Is the sealing effect really so good?

You can try it this way.

Put some flour or dry paper towel into the grain storage bucket, seal it, put it into the water basin and soak it. After a while, take it out and open it. If the flour or paper inside is wet, it means that the sealing is not enough. .Putting cat food in such a grain storage bucket does not completely prevent moisture, deterioration, and insects. More information please click here